Shannon Rednour

I have extensive experience managing technical development for a wide range of digital destinations and products including CMS and video platforms, member registration processes, social network platforms, and robust interactive experiential sites.  The following are just a few documentation samples from my UX and technical management work.

Architecture & Wireframes

Before beginning design and production on a new website or digital marketing campaign, it's important to clarify your business goals and explore how the strategy informs the user experience and architecture of your developments.  Wireframes and site-maps allow us to explore ideas and concepts quickly, focusing on strategy and information structure before moving on to design.  Wireframes can be effective at communicating both broad concepts or specific development details.

Processes & User Flow

For complex interactive functions and applications, detailed user flowcharts insure that processes are thought out at every stage of the user experience, and help programmers understand the intended user-flow.  In this example, a process was established for reconciling a new membership signup process with an older user database.

Grayscale Mock-ups

For clients that are uncomfortable working with wireframes and sitemaps, a grayscale design approach can be a useful substitute.  This allows us to keep the emphasis on structure of the website while providing a bit more editorial context for the client. 

Styleguide Development

Style-guides are particularly effective for large organizations or enterprise level products to insure that there is consistency in design from multiple designers and contributors.  Development of official style-guides, including an asset management delivery systems, help communicate these principles.​