"RATTER" Facebook APP


RATTER is an exciting and terrifying new film.  The movie tells the story of Emma (Ashley Benson), a young college student in New York who discovers she has an internet stalker who has hacked into all of her mobile and wi-fi connected devices.  The story is shown exclusively through the eyes of the hacker or "Ratter" as he watches Emma through the cameras on her cell phone, laptop, and home gaming system.  


Pixelism was asked to design a social campaign to help the filmmakers of RATTER promote the film during the Slamdance Film Festival.  After viewing the film, we jumped at the opportunity to support this indie gem!


Of course we have helped them deploy the usual social slate, setting up custom URL's across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; and we designed a three-week content calendar leading up to and during the festival itself.  But we are most excited about the custom Facebook app we produced for them that served as an EPK site during the festival where they could direct interested buyers and PR.


The interest in custom Facebook Apps have waned significantly over the last couple of years, particularly after Facebook removed the ability to "like-gate" applications. But for targeted promotions and campaigns, Facebook is an excellent platform to reach users where they are already hanging out. Media dollars can be spent marketing content within the Facebook platform rather than trying to market a stand-alone website, a task that has become more and more difficult.





Use the link above to view the RATTER app, or see the screengrab below with some commentary on the various app features.





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