Video Product Development


One of things I've enjoyed most working in the entertainment industry is the opportunity to work on a variety of Video Products and Video Packaging solutions. The following are just a few examples of video-related projects. 


VIDEO CMS Platform Development

Through the course of my career I have served as the architect and UX Designer for three homegrown Video CMS Platforms (Bleecker Street, Focus Features, Sundance Channel, VIACOM).  I have designed back-end tools that allow for easy management of both individual videos as well as developing video "packages" that help contextualize the video inventory for consumers.   


For BLEECKER STREET I designed a system that in addition to managing uploaded assets, could also retrieve video data using the YouTube and Vimeo API's.  The system was designed that our native assets could be packaged alongside our YouTube assets.   This saved us significant data costs for the downloads handled through YouTube rather than our own web servers. This is an increasingly popular option for marketers who want the highest visibility, and don't have limits on licensing windows  for their programming.  







Interactive TV Platform


This was a fun project!  I was very excited about Google TV when it first came out which resulted in Focus Features launching one of the first video platforms that was compatible with GoogleTV. I'm not sure how much future there is in Google TV, but I am very proud of the platform we developed which is designed for interacting with your TV remote (no mouse or touch screen).


Screengrabs below:



Video Programming

I served for 4 years programming Sundance Channel's VIDEO ON DEMAND inventory for Comcast & Time Warner.  In addition to designing programming that aligned with our on-air offering, I also developed promos and barker ads to promote both programming initiatives.


For Focus Features I was responsible for packaging videos in support of our films and coordinated the syndication of these video packages across our social channels (YouTube and Facebook primarily).  I also helped develop video "stunts" that contributed to the marketing success of our films.  Some of these are highlighted below:


These trailer walk-thrus helped us engage fans who were hungry for behind-the-scenes info on our films.  They were produced with relatively low budgets, requiring only a modest shoot with the director. 


We developed our reWATCH programming in an effort to give new life to some of our older catalog titles.  Engaging popular film critics and bloggers also helped us gain much needed press and SEO impressions.



YouTube Strategy

I have developed YouTube strategy for several films as well as Focus Features YouTube Channel.  For many companies who are primarily interested in marketing their products, YouTube makes the most sense when it comes to selecting a video platform and distribution strategy.  YouTube offers a lot of features that would be too expensive for some companies to develop internally.  Also, if you are more concerned with marketing awareness, rather than generating page views, YouTube is an ideal platform.  Some things I've learned:  

  • GET VERIFIED:  If you are a large company and happen to buy media with YouTube, it is useful to have your page officially "verified".  Verification offers up some custom layout tools for your YouTube channel that are reserved for only verified accounts.  (Your YouTube media agent should be able to assist you.)   In addition to special page layouts, you can also view in depth analytic reports and even sell your feature-length videos (see images below)

  • USE ANNOTATIONS AND OVERLAYS:  YouTube allows you to add overlays on top of the videos that let users quickly subscribe to your channel or link to your website and social destinations.  Be sure to take advantage of these features, but be sure to position them in areas that don't distract users from the video.  At Focus Features, we designed specific cards that were inserted at the beginning and end of our videos specifically for this purpose.  

  • BUILD PLAYLIST PACKAGES FOR "SUB-BRANDS":  If you have products or services that consumers will be particularly interested in, be sure to package videos into Playlists that feature them.  By sharing the playlist link on your social networks, you will insure that users will see the full package of videos for that specific product or services.  

    At Focus Features we stopped building individual channels for each of our films and started promoting playlists for our films that we could use to promote each film individually.  This allowed us to aggregate subscribers under a single "Focus Features" account for remarketing purposes, while also allowing us to deliver relevant videos to our audience.  

  • LEVERAGE THE YOUTUBE API:  YouTube has an API available which helps you integrate videos and video sales into your own website.  











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