Anatomy of a Valentine

At Focus Features I currently manage over 60 Facebook pages.  Together, these pages represent over 16MM total “likes”.  To be honest, the pages with the larger subscriptions get a lot more of my attention, but it is important to develop content for ALL of our subscribers as often as possible.  This reduces the ratio of “unlikes” and opens up more opportunities to cross promote unrelated content.


This last February, with help from Focus Features' editorial director Peter Bowen, I designed 12 simple Valentines for use across our most popular Facebook Pages. 


We first posted the the full set on the Focus Features account.  Then a few days later, once the valentines already had some likes and shares, I posted the individual Valentines on their respective film pages.  Although I have no real insight into Facebook’s algorithms, it’s my theory that if you share something that already has some traction, the visibility improves within news feeds.


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Here's the Anatomy of each Valentine:






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