Dance, My Darling, Dance

Collision Theory - 2002
Directed by Stephanie Gilman & K Tanzer
A spellbinding trip into the mystery-prone world of undercover detectives, pre-and post-meditated murder and the elusive nature of night. ~ A quasi-futuristic setting which calls forth the beloved institutions of the gumshoe detective novel, Film Noir and the Hollywood musicals of the 30?s and 40's. ~ A broken love story, a fractured narrative, a mind-bending exploration of heartache, love and loss -- all viewed through the lens of Collision Theory's visually captivating and provocatively physical style.


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Shannon Rednour
Scenic Designs

Concept Sketches


This show was a deconstructed movement theatre piece inspired by pulp fiction novels, film noir, and the work Haruki Murikami.  I watched as many film noir films as I could get my hands on at the time and the images of portals and skylines kept impacting the design.  Murikami brought the imagery of tombstones and shifting space.