Shannon Rednour

I have over 15 years experience over seeing the creative development for enterprise-level website architectures, digital marketing campaigns, and content-rich destinations.  


Below are a few examples of hands-on designs for FOCUS FEATURES where I served as VP Digital Creative from 2008 - 2014.

Creative Direction
Brand & Co-brand

Oftentimes as marketers we have to address messaging for specific "sub-brands" or products that are outside of our more general overall brand voice.  This is very common in television where you have an equal priority to the "channel" brand as you do to the "series" brand.   I have many years experience developing shared architectures and brand positioning that allow individual film or television titles to have a unique identity, while maintaining the overall channel infrastructure and presence.

Mobile First - Tablet Friendly Design

I am experienced at designing templates that share a common content databases across all devices while optimizing visual layouts tailored specifically for each.  These days it's particularly important to put emphasis and priority on your mobile designs.  I am adept at the fundamentals of responsive and adaptive web design and have even put together a few thoughts on responsive design.

Interactive Multi-media

I have developed many interactive applications that offer content-rich experiences, including interactive timelines, audio players, slideshows, and micro-sites.  Sadly, some organizations are moving away from such interactive experiences since most were developed in Flash which quickly became obsolete with the advance of the iPhone.  Luckily HTML5 is quickly developing as an alternative which can be used to develop some fun and engaging interactive applications.